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Central-Core Technologies, adapting big business solutions to small business needs without the Fortune 500™ price tags.


In today's business world, one of larger challenges facing small businesses and organizations is the rapidly changing information technology field.  Most all small businesses and organizations today depend on at least some information technology to support the business or organizations.  Whether it a personal computer, a corporate network, or an web-based commerce system, most small business do not have the resources or time to keep up with changes happening with information technology.

Central-Core Technologies provides small businesses and organizations the ability to outsource their Information Technology so they can concentrate on what they do best.  Central-Core Technologies outsourcing agreements are individually tailor to our clients and cost effective so that our clients continue to generate and grow their revenue to re-invest into their business or organization.  Our outsourcing agreements  range from short-term advice and consulting, to project specific support, to long term partnership. 

Central-Core Technologies recognizes that every small business or organization is unique with their own unique needs and constraints.  Therefore, Central-Core Technologies invests time to get to know our clients unique needs and constraints first before we propose any agreement or solution. 

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