Our Philosphy

  • First and foremost, we listen to you and learn about your business.
  • We work to help your business succeed and grow by assimilating your unique goals as our own.
  • We seek to partner with you and augment your business.
  • We communicate ideas with you constantly as well as ensuring you are fully informed on the progress of the work we perform for you.
  • We structure services and rates based on what you need and not what your budget is.

About Central-Core Technologies

Central-Core Technologies can trace its history back to January 28, 1998 when the domain name of Central-Core.Net was purchased and established as Central-Core, a personal web site hosting provider for private citizens and charitable organizations.  Between the time period of 1998 and 2002, central-core.net was more of a hobby for the owner than an actual business hosting numerous personal and charitable organizations websites.  In 2002, Central-Core become a business unit with in Dana Enterprises, Incorporated when that company was organized and continued to provide hosting services on its equipment.

In May of 2005, the Central-Core business unit was sold to Dana Enterprises and Holdings, Incorporated.  With the completion of the sale of Central-Core and transfer of ownership in July of 2005, Dana Enterprises and Holdings, Incorporated re-branded Central-Core to Central-Core Technologies and established it as an unincorporated subsidiary of Dana Enterprises & Holdings, Incorporated. Central-Core Technologies provides Information Technology Infrastructure Consulting, Internet Hosting and Design Services, Information Security Consulting Services, and Information Technology Business Solutions. 

In July of 2005 we acquired contracts supporting hosting services for two 503(c) Charities and shortly afterward won contracts supporting two independently owned web sites.  Since being established as a subsidiary of Dana Enterprises and Holdings, Incorporated, we have also been responsible for maintaining and securing our parent company’s information technology assets.

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