Information Technology Assessment

Periodically, all businesses, no matter their size or annual revenue, needs to review and evaluate its Information Technology solutions it uses and relies on. Central-Core Technologies provides prospective clients the opportunity to have Central-Core Technologies conduct a high-level information technology assessment (ITA) of the Information Technology solutions used by your business or organization.  The ITA is offered to prospective clients at no-cost or obligation1.  Typically, an ITA will require a representative of CCT to spend between four (4) to eight (8) hours at the prospective clients site to collect information.

The ITA that is offered is not meant to be comprehensive review, but will include the review of the following items:

  • A survey of hardware and software used
  • A review of system and data backup and restoration procedures
  • A review of key performance statics of servers
  • A review of any web presence and e-mail systems
  • A review of various security controls such as virus protection, spyware protection, and password policies and usage

The ITA we perform will provide Central-Core Technologies with a snapshot of your information technology environment.  At the same time Central-Core Technologies will start to learn some about your culture, your goals, and the obstacles faced by your organization. Based on this information, Central-Core Technologies will be able to start personalizing and tailoring our services and possible agreement options.

Regardless of the prospective client contracting for services from Central-Core Technologies, the prospective client will receive a short report from Central-Core Technologies that will summarize the information collected.  This report will also include recommendations for possible strategies to address any major risks identified as a result of the ITA.

1 - Central-Core Technologies (CCT) Information Technology Assessment (ITA) is offered at no-cost and at no-obligation to the requester.  The ITA is a high-level assessment of current technology used and designed to be a way the requester and CCT to begin to learn about each other.  Requesters may be requested or required to sign non-disclosure agreement to protect both the requesters proprietary information and CCT proprietary information.
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